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years of existence:15
location:new york
do you like your location?:noo, it needs to die

favorite bands:anal cunt,anal blast,pig destoryer is ok :),and so oawn
favorite movies:i don't watch movies really, i don't have one
rocky horror picture show?: funny,hot sex..penis
monty python?: it rocks my imaginary penis
donnie darko?:never seen it

abortion. what do you think of it?:don't care. i would never get one
what do you think about ramen noodles?:i eat them all da damn time..chicken ramen = <3
what about adam lazzara?:;)
burning cd's. good or bad?:um i don't do it, but i really don't care
do you even like le tigre?:i dunno?

post at least 2 pictures of yourself.

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