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name: Jordan
years of existence: sixteen
location: Connecticut
do you like your location?: yea, i do i dont think i would like living anywhere else. traveling is great though.

favorite bands: less than jake, reel big fish, 311, and..ive been listening to three days grace a lot lately
favorite movies: pirates of the carribean, requiem for a dream, kill bill
favorite books: im not that big on reading
rocky horror picture show?: i love it i cant wait for the next show. just got new fishnets. its way better live.
monty python?: haha love it. hes not dead yet..
donnie darko?: havent seen it yet

abortion. what do you think of it?: i have mixed feelings about it. rape victims have the right to it. consentual sex..yea, no. thats what condoms are for.
what do you think about ramen noodles?: deliciouss in under 5 minutes
what about adam lazzara?: ill have to find out who he is
burning cd's. good or bad?: i think its stuff rocks.
do you like le tigre?: i havent heard them

post at least 2 pictures of yourself.

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