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name: Meagan.
years of existence: 18.
location: Townsville Australia.
do you like your location?: It’s pretty ok, on the small side, but has everything you need.

favorite bands: Taking Back Sunday, The Cure, The Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, HIM
favorite movies: Harry Potter, Les Mis, Almost Famous, Bridget Jones, That 70s’ Show (if it was a movie.)
favorite books: Harry Potter, Looking for Alibrandi, Les Mis
rocky horror picture show?: I have seen it a few times and each time I have been drunk, so I have no idea.
monty python?: Yes, I was going to put it in favourite movies, but I figured you wanted it tackled seperately, I love Monty Python. John Cleese is Rad.
donnie darko?: Havent seen it, but by all accounts I should.

abortion. what do you think of it?: I think its an individuals choice, I hate the ways they do it and that it is legal to do it so late in the pregnancy. I don’t know if I would have one or not, I guess I would have to be in that situation to know.
what do you think about ramen noodles?: Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.
what about adam lazzara?: Taking Back Sunday is my number one band. So I think he is pretty ok.
burning cd's. good or bad?: I do it, so I guess I cant really say its bad.
do you like le tigre?: Haha yeah I’m listening to it now.
lastly, please advertise us someplace. ANYPLACE. it doesn't matter where. and post the URL here:

post at least 2 pictures of yourself.


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