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riot grrls...the grrrls with two r's

riot grrls are the sex.
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riot grrls are the sex. and they will rule you.

the riot grrrls with two r's. waBAM. this is another rating community.

eherm. onto the rules...

1. just to clear any confusion, you don't have to be a grrrl to be here.
2. i don't care who you are; you are not superior to anyone else who is applying...vise versa. anyone who will be rating (stamped members) is going to be honest with you.
3. having said rule #1, you are not allowed to vote unless you are a stamped member. that means you have been accepted.
4.if you're going to whine about being rejected and give members and other applicants a hard time, then please don't even bother. i cannot stress this enough.
5. put your applications behind an lj-cut. please.
6. be yourself. if you just be who you really are, you might have a chance at getting in. unless you like britney spears or something. then i think your chances are about shot.
good luck!

the application. (make the subject line, "application" or something similar to it.)

years of existence:
do you like your location?:

favorite bands:
favorite movies:
favorite books:
rocky horror picture show?:
monty python?:
donnie darko?:

abortion. what do you think of it?:
what do you think about ramen noodles?:
what about adam lazzara?:
burning cd's. good or bad?:
do you like le tigre?:
lastly, please advertise us someplace. ANYPLACE. it doesn't matter where. and post the URL here:

post at least 2 pictures of yourself.



mod - brokenhippo

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